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B2B Marketing Content and Strategies to attract, educate and motivate your ideal customers to
take the next step and increase your sales revenue.

Your Business-to-Business marketing content can be the most powerful tool to
attract and engage customers. Let’s face it, your potential customers are finding advice and making decisions they trust through relevant, engaging content. Even before they meet you.

However, it must be carefully crafted to reach today’s busy buyers. They’re
constantly distracted. Crave instant gratification. Multitask, as they’re flooded
with information. They’re smarter, more sophisticated and highly skeptical at
being marketed at and sold to.

Your Content Should Perform 3 Main Acts To Get Results

Whether it’s an e-newsletter, a case study or a white paper your marketing
content should perform 3 main acts.

Because they allow you to reach today’s busy buyers, keep their attention, increase trust and build relationships. Simply put, they pull in results.

Content that doesn’t get results will miss at least one
of the following:


Attract attention and engage prospects

Act One: Attract

Attract attention by focusing your messages on their challenges and desires. Attracting busy buyers with issues they care about is the first step in getting and keeping their attention. But, you need more…


Educate buyers

Act Two: Educate

Educate buyers about their challenges and desires to show your value, drive trust, and develop a demand for your solutions. Create a positive and personal customer experience to get them to stick around.


Motivate buyers to take action

Act Three: Motivate

Motivate and inspire your “ideal” customers to want to do business with you and take action. Always guide them to the next step.


Contenttriggers, LLC. was designed to perform, not one, but all three main acts
to tell your story.



How I can help you

I’m Deb Monfette, marketer of B2B content services and founder of
contenttriggers, LLC. I work with B2B technology companies to attract
and engage buyers, build credibility and simply help people make decisions
by crafting customer-centered marketing content that offers value.

Why I can help you

I have more than professional writing experience. For over two decades in B2B
technology, I’ve worked face-to-face connecting with and engaging customers
and peers. I’ve also worked hand-in-hand with product development, marketing,
sales, research and development, customer service and even training.

Why am I telling you this?

I’ve been there. I understand your marketing and sales goals, time and
resource constraints, budgets, pressures, frustrations, quality concerns
and deadlines. Just how many projects are you working on at any one time?

Everyone’s counting on you to provide tools to bring in qualified buyers,
establish credibility and speed up the sales cycle.

Because I have experience in various divisions such as, customer service
and sales, I see things differently. I can dig for stories outside of marketing
that can make a case study shine...or nuggets for articles and reports to drive
traffic to your site and boost your thought leadership...or maybe find the "hook"
you need in a sales letter through a customer service report.

Just as important, I understand that focus on your ideal buyer’s challenges and
desires is one of the most important triggers your copy should convey. Educate
them with an experience that makes them want to stick around.

What does all this mean for you?

You get content centered around your ideal customers to help them make better
decisions, and in your favor. Your content will:

  • Be solutions driven to attract and engage customers who you want to work with and who want to work with you.
  • Highlight what makes you different to stand apart from
    your competition.
  • Get your prospects to visualize your solutions working for them so they want to come back to you for more information. 
  • Create content that search engines love.
  • Always be moving your "ideal" buyers to the next step to
    making a decision they feel good about.

The goal is to get your potential customers to see you as a trusted
resource and choose to do business with you.

But it also takes the burden off you to craft content that keeps pace with
ongoing trends, changes in buyer behaviors and the speed in technology.

I look forward to discussing your ideas and hearing your story.

Deb Monfette 

P.S. If you want your content to work for you, you have choices.
Let’s make it happen. 
Call me to schedule a free 20 minute consultation
to discuss your project and see if we are a fit.

Case Study Makeover Guide

Case Study Makeover Guide

Build credibility, trust, and influence
with case studies, even when you
have limited approval.


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"You not only identified a serious gap
in our marketing approach, but also provided us with an education on the latest approaches to the marketing cycle. The high quality of the sales and marketing materials you developed for us has quickly elevated CSMI to a much higher level in our marketing sector."

Randall S. Kaminsky
Vice President, CSMI
"One of the Fastest Growing Small Businesses in the Country by Inc. Magazine's prestigious Inc. 500/5000."

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