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Planning and Research

Content planning and research are crucial steps to schedule and complete on any project or campaign. A content plan can help you to meet your business objectives. It can also enable you to determine the research necessary to understand your target customers. Without these two phases, it will be difficult to connect with them and produce effective results.

It’s Not Just About Writing Copy

Before I write a word of copy, I always start with a
Copy Triggers Brief
, which I email to you. It’s either completed by you, or someone in your company
(it sometimes requires contributions from a few people). We can also review it over the phone.

I need to understand your company’s purpose, how your products and services help your customers and what makes you different. I also need to get inside the mind of your target buyer to be able to connect and engage them with your message.

If we miss the target, we won’t hit the expected results.

Is Great Content an Option?

According to a study conducted by the research firm Focus Research, Inc., over
of the buyers prefer to consume content via the Internet over other types of media. It allows them to self-select, self-educate and qualify companies prior to meeting with them.

That’s why getting inside the mind of your buyer is key. Great content is not an option. Your content has to make an impression, motivate buyer's to want more information and take action.

You can never be certain when or if your "ideal" buyer will purchase your products or services. But by pinning down key details in the planning and research phase you increase the chance of success.  I specialize in making your job easier by integrating those nuggets into your marketing content for you. This sets the stage for crafting content that exudes value and increases results.

I provide professional quality, value and creative thinking that far exceeds the industry standard.

           Your ability to quickly learn the technical intricacies of our business,
verbalize our capabilities in the white paper, and create effective graphic displays
has been invaluable. Your services helped create professional branding and unparalleled marketing materials that we will be able to distribute and utilize for years to come.
We truly appreciate your professionalism and dedic
ation throughout this process.
Sean Lynch, Director of Business Development, CSMI

B2B Content Services

You will receive informative and motivating copy sprinkled with the latest triggers
in B2B copywriting & content strategies.

If your project includes something not listed here, just let me know and I’ll see
if I can meet your needs.

Discover how I can help you attract customers with these services:


    Content Creation

Lead Generation

First, tap into the desires of your prospects and customers. Then,
inspire and motivate them to do something. It can be requesting a demo, downloading a free report or simply clicking a link to another page on
your website. This includes success stories/case studies, special reports, white papers, articles, Web pages and more. Click here for a list.

Repackage Content

Not all buyers choose to consume the same types of content. They also have different needs in the buying cycle. Repackage your content to fit
those needs and strengthen your purpose.

For example, create a webinar presentation from an existing special report.
Or better yet, plan for multiple uses of content right from the beginning.

To learn more find out 3 major reasons why standalone content could be costing you more than you think.

    Copy Triggers Critique

Are you in the middle of a draft and need an expert set of eyes, from a
fresh perspective, to review it? Do you have sales letters, landing pages,
white papers or Web pages that aren’t getting results you expected?
Don’t stop there. Click here to learn more.


    Copy Triggers Revision Plan

Is your first draft already finished? Are you pressed for time or are you
just not sure what changes to make? Wish you had a professional
hand to wrap it up?

I can take your draft and make it even better. Learn how I can give you
better results in less time
than if you struggled to finish it yourself. It’s
also a great way to try out my services. Click here to find out more.



Contact me today at 6034264v1681 to get started on your project
and see more results in 2016 and beyond.


Case Study Makeover Guide

Case Study Makeover Guide

Build credibility, trust, and influence
with case studies, even when you
have limited approval.


You'll also get FREE monthly content tips
in marketing and thought leadership 
to grow your business.

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Ms. Monfette also assisted with marketing efforts to promote The London School. She interfaced with corporate entities of all sizes, to encourage their awareness and support of the project.”

Dr. Ronald Klatz, President,
The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

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