"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." Walt Disney

About Deb

Finally a content writer who can tell your story while offering solutions to persuade todays skeptical, busy B2B buyers.

There are two questions clients ask quite often. What inspired me to be a content writer for B2B technology companies? What unique experiences can I bring to the table to help
them succeed in these rapidly changing times?

    Deb's story writing ability is what first caught our attention.
      Also, she not only met our deadline
, but was able to get   
            the campaign
done early when we needed it.

          Felicia Pagesh
          Marketing Coordinator, Brian Tracy International

3 Powerful Forces Attract Busy Buyers

Information is doubling at a staggering rate and is available anytime, and just about anyhere. It takes a lot more to marketing your products and services than just features and benefits.

Busy buyers are captivated every day by three powerful forces. They also allow marketers to create valuable experiences to capture attention.  Each one of these has intrigued me to learn more, do more, and write about it to attract the overwhelmed buyer. They are:

  • Technology
  • Creative Thinking
  • Customer-Centered Marketing

First, technology opens up limitless opportunities. We have options to work
smarter and faster
. In this digital age, we can make endless connections
in real time. Best of all, it fosters creative thinking for everyone.

Which leads to the second powerful force, creative thinking. This is why we
have smart phones, flying cars and carry music around in our pockets. Creative
thinkers drive ideas into new ways of doing things.

And last, customer-centered marketing is about spreading these new experiences to the right people who need and want them.

These 3 forces have inspired me to create a resource where B2B marketers like you,
can attract your ideal buyers with new ways of doing things. Provide them with
an experience to make their lives better, easier, more profitable and even entertaining.

Get them to visualize your solutions working for them.

Here are some of my Customer Success Stories.

These three customer success stories stand out and I’d like to share them with you. They'll give you an idea of the value I can provide for you as a content writer and strategist. They were inspired by technology, creative thinking and marketing in helping my clients. They are also some of the triggers I use ­to play the game better than anyone else.

What do shampoo, rats and anti-aging have in common?

If you would like more information about me and my background click here for my Professional Bio.

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“The 7 Triggers" infographic captures your essence which lies in your ability to translate and express complex
ideas in both visual and verbal form.”

Julie Ann Turner,  

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