"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." Walt Disney

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Finally, a content writer who can tell your story while offering solutions to persuade todays skeptical, busy B2B buyers.

As I glanced up at the Art Director of Playtex Products, Inc., he grinned. He had to drastically shorten the redesign time of the entire line of Jhirmack hair care products. Yes, he was impressed with my demo but VERY skeptical we could execute hard, fast, and with impact. After all, this was one of the first 3D design access studios in the country with a new, disruptive process. I realized from this day forward that it wasn’t just about the numbers. 

Today, I’m a content writer, strategist, and business ghostwriter at a company I founded called Contenttriggers LLC. I specialize in B2B technology and work with business executives, marketers, product managers, and even owners. I create engaging, useful content that helps people solve problems.

For two decades, I’ve worked for technology companies in marketing, sales, product development, quality assurance, training, customer service, and consulting. I’ve rolled up my sleeves with four startups and dozens of new and disruptive products and services. I’ve learned that the experiences you provide can knock down barriers and open doors for your audience to connect with you and your customers to become advocates for you. It can be your differentiation that no one else can copy.

I’m a writer with a love for good design and storytelling. You can read more of my articles on LinkedIn or check out my Resources right here on my site.


Here are some of my Customer Success Stories.

These three customer success stories stand out and I’d like to share them with you. They'll give you an idea of the value I can provide for you as a content writer and strategist. They were inspired by technology, creative thinking and marketing in helping my clients. They are also some of the triggers I use ­to play the game better than anyone else.

What do shampoo, rats and anti-aging have in common?

If you would like more information about me and my background click here for my Professional Bio.

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“The 7 Triggers" infographic captures your essence which lies in your ability to translate and express complex
ideas in both visual and verbal form.”

Julie Ann Turner,  

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