"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." by Albert Einstein

Professional Bio

Deb Monfette, Founder and Managing Director of Contenttriggers, LLC
B2B Content Marketing Creator & Strategist

Deb is a marketer of customer-centered content services. She works with B2B technology marketers to craft and repackage content to attract and engage buyers, build credibility and move quality leads through the buying cycle. These busy marketers save time, have one less project to worry about, and they get quality
results to make them stand out.

Her specialty is B2B Technology with an emphasis on customer experience.

Prior to her business, she spent two decades in technology working face-to-face with prospects and customers, and hand-in-hand with major corporate divisions. This experience has given her the ability to explain how complex ideas, products, and services solve urgent problems for today's overwhelmed business buyer.

Her combined skills of digging for stories, creative problem solving, and design abilities add a unique twist to producing high-quality content marketing.

Deb is the author of the eBook called "7 Triggers for Irresistible Content: What every B2B marketer needs to know to attract and engage loyal customers" and The Case Study Makeover Guide.

Believe in Ideas and Solutions You’re Promoting

Deb Monfette is a master at tapping into a buyer's emotions as well as logic, dialing
in on benefits "that matter," and transforming products and services into solutions. Today these are keys to getting a buyer's attention and inspiring them to make
better decisions.

As a B2B content writer, she uses the latest techniques to connect with, engage, nurture, build trust, educate, and repackage content to attract and motivate buyers to make better decisions. Her background includes 3 unique traits all blended together.



For two decades, Deb has worked with dozens of technology products and
services and conducted over 1000 demonstrations. She has collaborated
face-to-face with prospects and customers, from innovators to skeptics.

Deb comments, “It was the best way to get real feedback on their challenges
and their interests. Why decisions were made. How they’ve integrated change.
Their future concerns. Finding out what was working and what was not. It was
a great way to get them to interact, and for me to build trust."

"It's my experience that the most important way to connect with clients is to
understand their pains and their desires. Feel what they are feeling. Provide
your expert advice, use common sense, and don’t try to sell them. It’s always
about helping people.”


Deb has a diverse background. It spans product development, marketing,
pre-sales through post-sales, R&D, training, and customer services. She has
written everything from marketing and sales content to training materials.

“Working hand-in-hand in each of these divisions, and with customers, was
a key step to innovating products and services and developing marketing tools
to acquire satisfied customers. It has helped me understand where I just might
dig for hidden treasures when writing for my clients,” Deb adds.

Creative Thinking

Creativity always has been, and will continue to be a big part of Deb’s life.
She started drawing at the age of five. She moved up from crayons, to
charcoal and acrylic paints, to stylus pens on computers. After graduating
from Carnegie Mellon in Computer Graphics, she spent two decades in
special effects in print and video, and 3-D package design.

Her career began in a start-up company, a joint venture between Continental Can
and Carnegie Mellon. The company became the innovators of 3D and digital printing
in the packaging industry. From that time on she has been drawn to new products,  new services, and new technologies. 

Deb explains, “Some ideas appealed to emotions and others more to logic.
Some were successful, while others were not. But I’ve learned a ton about
persevering, especially with company start-ups. You have to believe in
the ideas and solutions you’re promoting.
 I find this also to be true when
creating content for my clients.”

Some clients she has worked with include Customer Engagement Magazine on stories about T-Mobile, Barneys New York, and the BEHR Conference, Brainstorm, Inc. (on Microsoft Products), Agero, and CSMI.

Personal Tidbits

One of my favorite trips is the yearly excursion to Cape Cod. I love the beaches and devour the warm days of the short New England summers hoping that by mid-summer the water temp is above 65 degrees. 

My passion is all things creative. I do a lot of surfing (on the Internet that is), listening to podcasts and music, and taking photos. I enjoy interior designing and taking a stab at gourmet cooking, but always seem to re-create the recipe.

Dark chocolate and creamy homemade ice cream (especially Kimball Farms Mocha Almond Assault)) are my favorite cravings.

So, now you know a bit about my story. I look forward to getting to know you,
and helping you attract, educate, and inspire your customers. Remember to get my Case Study Makeover Guide.



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