"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." Walt Disney

Here are some of my Success Stories

What do shampoo, rats and anti-aging have in common?

These 3 stories stand out and I’d like to share them with you. They'll give you an
idea of the value I can provide for you. They were inspired by technology, creative
thinking and marketing in helping my clients. They are also some of the triggers I use
­to play the game better than anyone else.

85.4% Increase in Speed to Market. Here’s to Shampoo…

My creative and customer-focused mindset was instilled many years ago.  I worked
for a company who owned a $5-10 Million commercial printing business, Swan
Engraving, in Connecticut.

My responsibilities were to start up and manage a 3-D packaging and electronic design access studio. There were only a few printers in the country using the technology at
that time. The keys to capturing new clients were to demonstrate this new concept, manage the workflow and to provide results.

One of my clients was Playtex Products, Inc. Their goals were to speed up the design process and accelerate the launch time of their products to market. The project included the redesign of the entire Jhirmack line of shampoos and conditioners, all electronically.

Buying in to a completely new and innovative process wasn’t a quick decision.

My sales partner and I closely collaborated with their advertising director and design team. We had to gently take them by the hand. Earn their trust. Educate and walk them through the process, until they became raving fans.

The results… 60+ design alternatives were created instead of just a few with their standard process. They were able to choose a design that met all their needs.

The most astonishing result was, time savings. The design cycle for the entire line of products decreased from 6 months to just under 4 weeks.

That’s an 85.4 % Increase in Speed to Market.

Several factors determined successful results. The ability to focus on the customer’s needs and how you can help them. Being able to demonstrate how you are different than anyone else. Last, working with people who are aware of the need to change still requires consistent touches, education and earning their trust to take them to the next step.

It’s also important to simplify a complex process.

Imagine Talking Rats…

After several years in special effects in graphics for print, I ventured into video and film
at Avid Technology. One of my memorable experiences was assisting a major film studio with the feature film comedy, Dr. Doolittle. John Doolittle, played by a famous actor and comedian, was a doctor who discovers he can talk to animals.

In one of the scenes, I had to assist with compositing a pair of BIG, sharp-fanged rats into a busy, complex scene with Dr. Doolittle. It was a daunting task. Furry, trash-eating rats bigger than life. And my squeamishness for these huge, fanged critters (even in video format) just don’t mix.

With a can-do attitude and a little creativity, we did it. Dr. John Doolittle was spared hanging out next to live, in-the-flesh rats.

The years I’ve spent in special effects for video and print were compelling. With the right technology and creative thinking you can change the perception of reality. It inspired my imagination and more importantly my customer’s. They were able to visualize their story and experience the effects.

Technology with a little creativity has provided the ability to inspire people
to use their imaginations. It gives us tools to tell stories and create memorable experiences. It can be a solution to a challenge or just entertainment.

Storytelling is a key trigger in attracting and engaging your audience.

What kept me up at night…

While consulting, I was asked to assist with the start-up of an online post-graduate medical school. It was an educational outreach program for the world renowned American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

They required a program that would be published globally. It needed to provide a flexible, convenient and engaging learning experience. To be engaging it needed to
be interactive
. This involved multi-media courses with enriching video, audio interviews with medical experts, photos, illustrations, text and online quizzes.

In this challenging economy it was important to design a program that saved time and money. That would “fit into busy lifestyles” without the need for travel. It was also critical to keep accreditations up to date with the latest advancements in anti-aging medicine.

What kept me up at night was completing this project with a limited budget, minimal staff and unknown obstacles.  On top of that, a website, online copy, marketing materials, accreditation and a sponsorship program all had to be developed and approved.

Technology, the Web, online research, ease of collaboration, creative planning and perseverance made the new tagline “We Are Reshaping Your World” come to life.

The website and 16 multimedia course modules were developed. Accreditation was received. The sponsorship program was under way. Marketing flyers were distributed.

People want to fit work into their “busy lifestyles”. Companies want to do more with less resources and limited budgets. It’s all possible with advancements in technology and the Internet, creative strategies and unlimited ways to collaborate with and share information.

With the right marketing message you can turn challenges into opportunities. And, you can turn opportunities into new experiences to engage buyers in a more personal and memorable way.

No matter how you look at it, it’s all about spreading the value.

If you would like more information about me and my background, click here for my Professional Bio.

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"Ms. Monfette was the primary individual responsible for multimedia development and website design and management, integral assets to any online learning institution. With her extensive experience in marketing,
Ms. Monfette also assisted with marketing efforts to promote The London School. She interfaced with corporate entities of all sizes, to encourage their awareness and support of the project.”

Dr. Ronald Klatz, President,
The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

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