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Content Creation

 Attract, Educate and Inspire Busy Buyer's to Take Action!

First, give something of value that taps into the challenges and interests of your prospects and customers. This inspires buyers to share their personal information and connect with you.

Once your content engages buyers, it motivates them to take the desired action. This is where relationships begin to form.

Inspire Prospects and Customers

Your B2B marketing content should also be crafted to your objectives and
the stages in the buying cycle you need to target.

Next, to make the most of your investment, content should be repackaged to
use in different mediums and across multiple platforms. This will give you the
best exposureto your prospects and customers when and where they need it.

If your project includes something not listed here, just let me know and
I’ll see if I can meet your needs.

  • Articles ( How To …, Tip Sheets, etc.)

    Articles are highly used for the awareness and nurturing stages in
    the buying cycle, as well as thought leadership.

    Create relevant articles and publish them in places where your ideal
    clients are. Share them to “keep in touch” with your prospects and
    customers via email or social media. It is a soft approach to positioning
    your products and services, gaining credibility and spreading the word.
    This can result in greater interest and speed up the sales process.

  • Case Studies and Customer Success Stories

    Case studies, also known as customer success stories, can be one of
    your most powerful B2B marketing and sales tools, if written effectively.
    Buyers love a good story about real results. How a product, service
    or an organization solved a problem. They build credibility, attract
    leads and can speed up decisions.

    Customer success stories also make it easier to get media coverage.
    In video format, they can easily be shared on the web in places like
    LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and a host of other possibilities
    to attract leads. They should be prominently placed on your website.

  • eNewsletters

    eNewsletters are a quick way to gain a prospect or a lead. They also allow 
    you to maintain a consistent and informative follow up with prospects and customers while always adding value. And, it puts you right in their
    inboxes. Newsletters are used to build and grow your business long term.

  • Landing Pages

    Increase attraction and interaction by enabling buyers to capture
    valuable information. The goal of the landing page is to convert site
    visitors into sales leads by giving them something of value in return.
    There are certain triggers known to get better results.

  • Website Pages

    Web pages can be a great branding tool. Besides introducing and selling
    your products and services, you can do much more to engage visitors and
    boost results. For instance, share customer success stories, white papers,
    videos and free tip sheets. Interact through blogs, reviews and polls.

    Your pages should be optimized for search engines but written for
    your visitors. The results will increase traffic, capture leads and
    engage buyers to stick around. Or, come back for more.

  • White Papers 

    Written effectively, these can be powerful tools to help people make
    decisions. They're longer documents, typically 5-10 pages in length.
    However, they must be designed with the busy skim reader in mind.

    They can define a business or technical problem and present a new or
    better solution.  They're used to generate warm leads and to educate and
    to nurture buyers. They van be viewed as valuable information to build
    trust as buyers move down the pipeline.

    Companies have been able to use these tools to increase thought
    leadership and lead to big business opportunities. A good white paper
    can capture attention for a long period of time. But there are certain
    rules that can’t be crossed or your efforts will be ignored.

    Do you have a plan for your next white paper? If not, check out my plan.


Repackage Content

Whether you have existing B2B content or are creating new content, let it
work for you.
I can help you plan, create and repackage your content to extend
its purpose.

Think of having a network of various types of content all working together with a consistent message. It allows you to have multiple touch points for interacting with prospects and customers.

Are you planning new content? Do you have existing content that’s just sitting there, or even stored away?

Lengthen the shelf life of your newsletters, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations or
even training manuals. Pick them apart and repackage them into other forms of content.

Maybe you’ve spent several thousand dollars on creating a white paper that is now
stored on your website. You’ve used it to get a handful of new leads. But that’s it. Did
most of your prospects actually get to see and read it? Did you maximize your investment with that one piece of content?


There are 3 major reasons why standalone content could be costing you more than you think.

The 3 major reasons are:

1. Buyers are insanely busy and priorities can change fast.

Don’t risk the chance of your content being missed. Today a buyers
priorities are constantly changing as they are bombarded with emails,
tweets, sales letters and articles, to name a few.Buyers are Insanely Busy

People are so overwhelmed with messaging they may easily miss the
importance of your single piece of content. As a result, many messages
are filed or simply deleted.

But if they’re reminded of their challenge several ways, at different times,
it reinforces the need to find a solution. Not only will they be reminded of it,
they will recognize you as the source for overcoming their challenges.

2. People choose to consume information differently.

People choose to consume information differently

To complicate matters even more, not all people receive and consume information
the same way. Some people search for information. While others would rather get information delivered to them, for example via email or twitter feeds.

Some like to read white papers. Others
like to watch videos. Also, various decision makers choose content differently. C-level executives may prefer content that shares market trends and business white papers. Where as marketing managers may prefer How-To articles or more project-specific content.

Why send information that’s not likely to be received?

3. How many touches does it take to generate a lead and gain a customer?

How many touches does it take to generate a lead

5-10-20-40 … It’s hard to say. But you must be able to form a relationship
and build trust with your buyer till they’re ready to make a purchase.
It means warming them up and winning them over. 

The best way to win them over is with information and sincere insights into
their challenges and desires. They may not have time to keep up with trends
or even competitors. They may not realize just how cost effective change will
be for them. Give them relevant reports, articles, videos and other content to
get them thinking … build rapport with them.

Delivering relevant content gives you a reason to keep in touch.
Giving something of value, at no cost to the buyer, stimulates her thinking
and builds trust with each connection. Buyers will be more likely to take
your call and hear what you have to say when they aren't bombarded with
sales messages.


It’s all in the follow-up.

Pinpoint where your prospects are and what types of content they're
consuming. Then build a plan to break up content into those areas.

You receive 3 major benefits by repackaging content:

  • It saves time.

    You don’t have to start from scratch with content you’ve already spent time
    and money on. If you’ve measured results, you can now tweak the message
    to get an even better response.

    If it’s new content you still save time. Your research will be the foundation
    for multiple content assets.

  • It increases the chance your message will be seen, read or heard.

    Creating a network of information increases the chance your message will
    attract attention and be shared. People consume information in different
    ways and in different places. Some people like to search for white papers
    or watch videos. Others would prefer to get emails delivered to them. 

  • It helps sales create warm leads and moves them down the pipeline
    by delivering valuable, relevant and consistent information.

    Over time, your sales team will have a reason to contact your prospects,
    leads and customers with something of value. They can build trust and
    convert prospects into leads, leads into customers and customers into
    repeat buyers.

    I can help you plan, create and repackage your B2B marketing content.

Copy Triggers Critique

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Case Study Makeover Guide

Case Study Makeover Guide

Build credibility, trust, and influence
with case studies, even when you
have limited approval.


You'll also get FREE monthly content tips
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