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Critiques & Revisions

Copy Triggers Critique

Are you in the middle of a draft and need an expert set of eyes to
review it? Do you have sales letters, landing pages, white papers
or Web pages that aren’t getting the results you expected?

Don’t stop there. You may just need a second opinion on what’s
working and what’s not. The Copy Triggers Critique can be just
the second set of eyes you need to tip the response you want.

The critique comes with a Copy Triggers Action Plan. The action
plan provides you with an objective review of your content. You can
have me critique copy of your first draft or content you’ve been using with minimal results.

Copy Triggers Action Plan

How does this help you?

You get the latest triggers that are pulling in results for other companies.

A copy critique is a great way to:

  • Reuse content you’ve already spent valuable time on.
  • If you’ve measured the results with your current copy,
    you can now compare those results with the new changes.
  • Eliminate mistakes before you promote and publish your content.
  • Sample my freelance copywriting services for a fraction of the
    cost of starting from scratch and quickly measure the results.


You can be sure that your copy will be customer focused and benefits
driven to get the best results. Check out 5 Tips to Attraction to see if your
content includes these tips to attract your buyers.

What do you get?

Critiques Action Plan

When you order a Copy Triggers Critique,
you get a detailed action plan analyzing your content with my recommendations on improvement. What works … what doesn’t …
what needs to be changed … and how.

My action plan covers copy, strategy, design
and of course the offer or call-to-action. I give
you direction on making your copy better.


     You receive:

  • An action plan customized just for you to make changes immediately.
  • I provide mark-ups on your original copy showing you where to
    make the changes.
  • A 30 minute follow-up phone consultation to make sure you understand
    my changes and ask any questions.

But I do not write or rewrite copy for you with this package. I give you
a second opinion. However, if you’d rather not do the changes yourself, just
give me a call. I can upgrade you to the Copy Triggers Revision Plan below.

You will soon be on your way to transform your content and motivate your
buyers to take action. Call me now to schedule a consult at 6034264v1681.

Copy Triggers Revision Plan

Is your first draft already finished? Are you pressed for time or just aren’t
sure what changes to make? Wish you had a professional hand to wrap it up?

This is where I can help you. I’ll take your draft and make it even better with
my trusty mix of triggers to attract.

Some of the triggers could be:

  • Create a more engaging headline.
  • Confirm the content is targeted to your buyer’s needs and desires.
  • Make the copy crisp and more compelling.
  • Eliminate jargon and hype.
  • Improve the flow and readability for skim readers.
  • Identify and include additional research, testimonials and customer stories
    to back up your message, improve credibility and ease objections.
  • Take buyers to the next step with a call to action.

Regardless, you will get better results in less time than if you struggled to
finish it yourself.

Why not Contact Me to discuss your project.

Need Help Now?

Have a project waiting? Call me today for a free 20 minute consultation.

We can discuss your content needs and see how I can help you. Go to the Contact page or Call 6034818v8814.

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Case Study Makeover Guide

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