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B2B Customer Success Stories & Case Studies 

Get People to Take Action

Customer success stories, also known as case studies, are a powerful way to gain 
trust, help shrink objections, and inspire people to make decisions.

These stories can move people to pay attention to your solutions, and take action
to buy your products and services, faster than almost any other type of content,

if crafted effectively.


Let Me Ask You ...

How are you creating your case studies and success stories?

Do you have a process in place and the uninterrupted time
to stick with the plan?

Are you picking "the best" customer candidates and easily finding
experts to schedule and conduct the interviews with them?

Are your customers comfortable with pouring their hearts out to
someone from your company? Or would they be more open to talking
with an unbiased expert outside your company?

Would you like to make this an easy process, save yourself loads
of time, and still get great results?

What I Can Do For You

I can help you with all of the above and make you stand out.

For over 22 years I’ve worked in technology directly with customers on new products products and services, including beta programs. I’ve collaborated with sales, marketing and customer service and created dozens of reports and customer success stories. Today I work with companies to create content and specialize in success stories and case studies.

I do the information gathering, customize interview questions, conduct interviews, capture powerful testimonials, write about customer experiences, work with the design layout, and manage the process for specific and measurable results.

I have the plan, the focused time, and the proven process in place. I’m also a great listener and can get people to tell the story behind the data.

The Secret Sauce is in "The Story"

The secret to a great success story is in sharing a person’s passion, their goals,
roadblocks, risks, desires, and experiences.

This is a story that can connect with the emotions of the people who are trying
to make the right decision to change and pick your solutions—a unique story that no one else can copy.

Numbers alone can’t do that.

Your potential customers have fears and desires they need to address. Some just
need a push to step over their fear of risk. Others question if your solutions can
really work for them in their circumstances.

A story about your happy customer’s journey can help ease their fears and get them to imagine the possibilities as they move forward. 

My plan and process can help them do just that.


           I was chosen as a Success Story Customer of Refer.com. Deb’s interviewing was methodical, focused, and resulted in a rendering of our story of how we created great value for our clients. 

What I didn’t realize was the benefit I would actually get for my coaching business by participating in this type of success story. In a very short time, it has established a level of credibility that wouldn’t have been possible without it.

The title Deb chose inspired one person to remark, “The title piqued my curiosity to read it. The story was so compelling as it was more about the challenges being solved than the software that solved them.”

Bill Doerr, Markitect SellMore Marketing, LLC


Working With Me

I can follow your current customer success story styles or I can offer you something a bit different. Simply contact me to find out more. To schedule a free 20-minute consultation simply email me at deb @ contenttriggers .com or send
me a message on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/dmonfette.

Do You Have Compelling Stories to Tell?

Do you have stories that are buried about your company, the founder, your employees, and the causes you support? 

Are you telling stories that connect with your audience to get them to imagine the human side of your company and how they could benefit from working with you?

I’d love to help you get your stories told. Email me at deb @ contenttriggers .com



    Why are Customer Success Stories important and
    what makes them so darn effective?


Customer Success Stories:


  •  Build Credibility and Trust

Decision Makers can be skeptical, especially reviewing measurable results coming right from the vendor. On the other hand, effective success stories are written in the words of, and signed off by, the customer. Not the vendor.


They can also showcase the human side of business as the customer talks about his experience throughout the process and his relationship with the vendor company. This opens a double door to credibility and trust for your potential customers.

  •  Adapt to the Digital Social Culture

    Today buyers look for and often demand customer feedback prior to making a
    decision to buy. They search for social reviews and testimonials from people they don’t know. Many times they can’t validate if the results shared are credible and may not even include a real name.

    But effective success stories are proven, in depth reviews of how someone solved their challenges. Quotes can be extracted from these stories and crafted into powerful testimonials. Then, if they want more information, these testimonials can be linked to the full success story.
  •  Produce Relevant and Useful Content

    Creating relevant, engaging content is still a top challenge for marketers. Buyers have too much information to sort through. They want content that both captures their interests and is useful. Many times they’re not willing to read beyond the first sentence unless it grabs their attention.

    Effective success stories should create a connection with your audience. These stories should address current challenges and doubts others are actually facing. A good title and lead can pique their curiosity to read more. 
  •   Give You an Undeniable Competitive Advantage

    Set your company apart from everyone else with a story that only your company can tell. You can stand out if you create unique customer experiences that your customers are willing to share.

    An effective success story should create an undeniable competitive advantage
    for you that no one can copy.   



Case Study Makeover Guide

Case Study Makeover Guide

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have limited approval.


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What People Are Saying...

"Your ability to quickly learn the technical intricacies of our business, verbalize our capabilities in the white paper, and create effective graphic displays has been invaluable. Your services helped create professional branding and unparalleled marketing materials that we will be able to distribute and utilize for years to come. We truly appreciate your professionalism and dedication throughout this process.”

Sean Lynch, Director of Business Development, CSMI

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