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7 Triggers for Irresistible Content:

What every B2B marketer needs to know
to attract
and engage loyal customers

If you could share content your “ideal” buyers would go out of their
way to get, do you think you could engage them to take the next step?
Do you think it would make it easier for buyers to choose to do business with you?

The good news is, there are certain triggers that help you do just
that. 7 to be exact. Here's how they work...
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These 7 triggers position the customer at the CENTER of all your marketing efforts. They work together to empower you to create a strong foundation for a customer-focused content network. Your chance of attracting and engaging loyal customers soars.

Why not make it more than just good? Make it irresistible!
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7 Triggers for Irresistible Content Free eBook

7 Triggers for Irresistible Content

What every B2B marketer needs
to know to attract and engage
loyal customers
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What People Are Saying...

"I LOVE this! Your design expertise turbocharges your copywriting—and,
of course, your ability to translate the complex into simple-to-understand form, so your clients communicate their value—and THEIR clients GET IT."

Julie Ann Turner,


“7 Triggers for Irresistible Content challenges your thinking on what 
it takes to engage today's crazy-busy buyers. Deb taps into the key elements needed for an effective content strategy. It's filled with good 
info you can use right away.”

Jill Konrath,
Author of Snap Selling and Selling to Big Companies


"Deb Monfette's eBook, 7 Triggers for Irresistible Content, provides 
an excellent framework for developing and executing an effective content marketing strategy. This book is very well researched and is brimming 
with dozens of powerful examples, illustrations and practical ideas. It's 
one of the best and most strategic sources of information on content marketing I've read in a while."

Ed Gandia,
Gandia Communications, Inc. 

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