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Thought LeadershipThought Leadership Content

Yes, it's different than marketing content.

Your target audience has big questions on various topics in your industry. They need answers to their questions and they're looking for a resource they can trust.

This is your chance to pick a topic you care about within your brand and become the authority in that subject. Dig deep and share your passion, experience, and point of
view to answer the questions. It’s not the place to promote your solutions or your
company. You have marketing content that can do that job.

If you consistently provide useful, non-promotional content on a key topic, you will
be perceived as an authority or thought leader in your space. As you build trust, your audience will be inspired to take the next step and find out what your company has to offer. That’s where your marketing content comes into play.

Discover how I can help you with your thought leadership content.

Thought Leadership Content


LinkedIn Profile Makeovers

This is the first place to start. Think of this as an introduction to
you as a thought leader in your space. Your Headline, Summary,
and even Background Image should reflect your topic knowledge,
how you help your customers and clients, and your brand. 

I do research on you, develop personalized questions, and then conduct a Discovery Interview. To complete your profile I write a compelling headline, summary, current work experience, and more. Contact me if you're interested in all the details.


Article Brainstorming

This is a session where we gather Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) together and determine topics that each one is passionate about
within your brand and that people are talking about. Then using sticky notes, we hone in on the one topic that covers both.

This exercise helps you to determine major areas to focus on for thought leadership and articles topics to add to your content calendar.
You will also gain new insights on these topics and pickup feedback from your audience as you build your authority over time.

Ghostwriting: Bylined and Published Articles

I ghostwrite articles for you to be published on LinkedIn, Medium, industry publications, and others. 

Thought Leadership content can also be in the form of eBooks, success stories, guides, reports, checklists, cheat sheets, tips, etc. that give insights but don’t directly discuss your company's solutions.


Q&A Audience Insights
Your audience has questions. Let's find them and list them out.
Then select the top 10 and provide answers to their questions.
These can be used as topics for your future content and copy for
your website. Consistently be a helpful resource.


If you need help with any of the above thought leadership content reach out
and I'll see if I can help.

You can email me at debm @ contenttriggers.com.

Case Study Makeover Guide

Case Study Makeover Guide

Build credibility, trust, and influence
with case studies, even when you
have limited approval.


You'll also get FREE monthly content tips
in marketing and thought leadership 
to grow your business.

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"Ms. Monfette was the primary individual responsible for multimedia development and website design and management, integral assets to any online learning institution. With her extensive experience in marketing,
Ms. Monfette also assisted with marketing efforts to promote The London School. She interfaced with corporate entities of all sizes, to encourage their awareness and support of the project.”

Dr. Ronald Klatz, President,
The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

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