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White Papers

How can a white paper help you generate more quality leads and more business?

White papers help people make decisions. 

When written effectively, they also establish you as an expert to reach, inform, and influence buyers to make those decisions in your favor

White papers can be a powerful resource for educating buyers early on in their research as they look for possibilities. They are also a key tool used by decision-makers at the end of the buying process when they need to know the technical or business benefits of your product or service.

That's where I come in.

What I Can Do For You?

It's all about value. I help you plan, manage, interview, write, edit, collaborate with designers, suggest graphic elements, and repackage your white papers.

I follow a proven process from planning, to writing, to repackaging your white paper. I’ll create copy that opens up possibilities and connects with your audience to help them make better decisions.

I focus on your business goals, the purpose (to solve a problem, introduce something
new, or explain a complex and costly process), your audience, and where they are in the buying cycle. One of my specialties is Customer Experience and I can assure you that your white paper will capture their needs.

My goal is to create a compelling and persuasive white paper that stirs up quality leads, shows off your thought leadership, and drives interest and value along the sales process
for years to come.

   This was a new white paper process for me, on a challenging topic, and Deb was not familiar with my Industry, so I wasn’t sure how all this information would come together. But she nailed it. The final paper addressed a real life-saving problem, with real solutions. 

It is educational, yet persuasive. It shows our uniqueness and sets us apart from our competition.

Randall S. Kaminsky
Vice President, CSMI
"One of the Fastest Growing Small Businesses in the Country” by Inc. 5000

My White Paper Writing Process

Here’s a quick overview of my process:

The outline depends on the length and type of white paper.
Follow your plan, if you already have one.
  1. Sort your information and do research, as needed, without 
    digging in to your time.
  2. Examine your goals and study your audience.
  3. Create a outline to approve the direction.
  4. Interview SMEs.
  5. Examine and include elements for the specific "type" 
    or flavor of white paper.

  6. Gather facts, data, and customer stories.
  7. Tell your story in a crisp, journalistic style.
  8. Create a compelling, specific, and useful title. 
  9. Deliver a well-crafted white paper to you.
  10. Look forward to your comments to make it even better :)
  11. Edit till you’re happy with the results.
  12. Collaborate with design and suggest graphic elements as needed.
  13. Include a Call to action at the end of the white paper.
  14. Craft an Executive Summary.

My services are designed to save you $$$ and get better results than if you tried to do it yourself or work with a less-experienced writer.

Take the next step today and get your compelling white paper that connects with and engages decision-makers and meets your goals.


Have you started to plan your white paper?

If not, check out my White Paper Plan to save you time, avoid miscommunication
with other stakeholders and your writer, and set yourself up for successful results.

Contact me for more information, my pricing, availability, and to see if we're a fit. 
Email me at debm at contenttriggers.com.

Case Study Makeover Guide

Case Study Makeover Guide

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with case studies, even when you
have limited approval.


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Ms. Monfette also assisted with marketing efforts to promote The London School. She interfaced with corporate entities of all sizes, to encourage their awareness and support of the project.”

Dr. Ronald Klatz, President,
The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

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