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White Paper Plans

Planning for a white paper is powerful. It should be the 1st step.

And here's why...

You can't build your dream beach home without a blueprint. You can't even bake dark chocolate brownies without a recipe.
So what about a white paper?
White papers are the #1 B2B marketing tool for influencing technology buyers. They are one of the most complex types of content to create. They involve more people, more devoted time management, and a clear direction. 
Unfortunately, many times white paper projects land in the pile of "To Do's” and stay there. Some are stuck without approvals. Others lose focus and never gain traction after being published. 
In others words, they don’t have a solid plan driving the direction. But with the right plan, they can drive sales for years to come....

The White Paper Plan

Whether you’re an innovative startup where changes happen quickly
or an established company that needs various internal stakeholder approvals, planning is the foundation of a successful white paper.

Without a solid plan, your white paper has little chance to avoid miscommunication with other stakeholders and be completed on
time. It will also be difficult to reach the right audience with the right message 
to attract quality leads and sales.

That's why I recommend every white paper start with a strategic plan. 
I like to think of it as a "GPS" to drive the direction of the white paper, track approvals, and get to the final destination on time and on budget.

To develop your plan, I help you gather all stakeholders  to discuss:

  • The business goals for the white paper.
  • Your target audience.
  • The one major topic for the white paper along with possible supporting points.
  • How your paper will fit into your sales process.
  • How you will be repackaging pieces of the white paper.
  • Sources for research.
  • Possible SMEs to interview.
  • Your timelines. 
  • Budget and payment terms.
  • Option for the perfect "type" of white paper based on your budget, your goals, and your audience.
  • PLUS I'll also include in the plan... over 7 other crucial elements such as white paper SEO (2 tips many companies miss...) for paving a path to successfully create and market a white paper.   

Then I deliver a document with all the details for your strategy. I also include my best recommendations and a firm quote for completing your white paper project.

Getting all of these details upfront, along with stakeholder approvals, makes the whole process run more smoothly and helps you produce a more successful white paper within your timeline.

A Rock-Solid Foundation

For only $750 my planning services give you a proven system for
a rock-solid foundation for your next white paper.

Here are 3 of the many benefits:

1. Avoid miscommunication that can delay the white paper.
(Some companies never even finish because of delays.) This blueprint takes the guesswork out of planning and creation for the writer, for you, and for your stakeholders. (Approvals have already been given :)

2. Create a clear message and direction to attract the right audience and decision-makers along the stages of the sales process. 

3. Saves you time, frustration, and rewrites while you get the
best "type" of white paper based on your goals, your budget, your audience, and your message.

Along with your plan, I’ll give you a firm quote to create your
white paper that gets results.

After that, you have a choice.

You can hire me to write your white paper, or feel free to hire
another writer (you now have the blueprint), or use your in-house resources to create it. 

Whatever you choose, your investment in the plan will save you $$$, time, and frustration while you get better results.

Take the next step today and get your blueprint for success.

Check out my Resources Page and download my free report, “How To Reach More People With Your White Papers".

Ready to start planning your next white paper? 
Check out my White Paper Services.

Or email me at debm @ contenttriggers.com to introduce yourself and setup a time
to discuss your white paper needs. 


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Case Study Makeover Guide

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What People Are Saying...

"Your ability to quickly learn the technical intricacies of our business, verbalize our capabilities in the white paper, and create effective graphic displays has been invaluable. Your services helped create professional branding and unparalleled marketing materials that we will be able to distribute and utilize for years to come. We truly appreciate your professionalism and dedication throughout this process.”

Sean Lynch, Director of Business Development, CSMI

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