"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

Why Contenttriggers?

Don’t miss sales with mediocre B2B content.

Work with contenttriggers to persuade buyers and capture new business in 2018.

The more relevant your content—the more engaged your ideal buyers will be.
The more engaged they are—the more motivated they’ll be to take the next step.
What does this mean to you? … More customers.

It’s All About Value

Buyers look for value.

At contenttriggers, I help B2B companies attract and engage their ideal buyers
by creating customer-focused marketing content. Content that humanizes
products and services into valuable solutions that solves their customer's problems.

It’s all about providing value. But I use a little help with triggers to push buyers'
“hot” buttons—from powerful headlines to major pain points. My goal is to attract,
engage and motivate them to take the next step.

I leave my clients with valuable assets to connect with and engage potential
customers. But content assets also live on and continue to build relationships
long after they're published.

Play better than anyone else…

A quote that sticks with me and triggered my drive for always pushing the limits is:

You have to learn the
rules of the game. And then
you have to play better than anyone else.
- Albert Einstein

Play better than anyone else It's Your Move

How do you play better than anyone else … and create marketing content that
attracts today’s busy buyers and inspires them to invest in your company?

Creating relevant content is about knowing the best practices and using a bit of
common sense. But to play the game better than anyone else, your content has
to be compelling, build credibility early and motivate busy buyers to take action.

3 Key Triggers Many Copywriters Miss

I take the time to research, understand and focus on 3 key triggers that many copywriters miss. Ignoring just one, limits the chance of attracting customers with your content.

1. Define your purpose.
This sets you apart from your competition and compels busy buyers to act. 
What is the one unique benefit your company, product or service is offering? What are you helping your customers do faster, easier or better? How can you help buyers with their top challenges? What can you provide that no one else has tapped into?

2. Get inside the mind of your ideal buyer.
Content has to embrace your “ideal” buyer to capture her attention and keep it. What is the "one thing" stressing her out during the day and keeping her up
at night? What motivates her? What are her biggest challenges and desires? What is she unaware of that could save her time and make her job a whole
lot easier?

Then, educate your buyer on these challenges and the benefits you can provide. Minimize fear, eliminate risk and build trust. Make her feel more confident in her decisions. Gives her a reason to interact with you and
want to learn more.

If you miss this, the odds of crafting content that gets results are slim.

3. Attract new buyer behaviors.
Today buyers search for advice and recommendations to help them, not sales pitches. I combine solutions sprinkled with copywriting triggers to attract, engage and always motivate buyers to take the next step.

I also create content for skim readers to accommodate busy decision makers.
This is essential for online engagement.

These 3 triggers are crucial for writing no-hype, benefits-driven copy. 
Let's reach people who want and need what you have to offer.

         So, what does this mean to you?

  • Increased response rates with high-quality customer-centered content and the latest triggers to tell your story.
  • One less project to worry about. I take the burden off you and manage the process from gathering research, to interviewing, to content creation.
  • Creative thinking. I can craft persuasive stories that inspire people’s imaginations to see your valuable solutions working for them.
  • Effective communications between copy and design direction,
    as well as with other divisions of your company.
  • Saves you time. I understand the content process and can get up to speed quickly. I will only contact you when I need something.

Basically I make your job easier. You get quality results on time with
less hassle.

My goal is to produce content that attracts, educates and inspires your
potential customers to take the next step in making a decision and in
your favor.

It also leaves you with an asset that lives on to build future relationships with
customers, partners and advocates.

To find out what unique experiences I bring to the table, see  About Deb.

If you have a project and need help call or email me to schedule a Free
20 minute consultation
to see if I can meet your needs. I can be reached
at 603c26411681, or email me at info@contenttriggers.com.

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Case Study Makeover Guide

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“Deborah has a crisp, motivating writing style —perfect for crafting effective marketing materials.
In addition, she has a thorough understanding of the best
practices of no-hype, high
response copywriting, I highly recommend her.”

Steve Slaunwhite,  B2B Marketing Expert, Author, The Everything Guide To Writing Copy

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