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B2B Content Services

Planning and Research

Business-to-business content requires planning and research. These are two crucial steps to make your project painless and produce the best results for both you and your audience.

It’s Not Just About Writing Copy

Before I write a word of copy, I always start with a Copy Triggers Brief.  It’s either completed by you, someone at your company, or we jump on the phone. Sometimes it requires contributions from a few people.

I need to understand what's important to you, how you solve your customers' problems, and what makes you different. But to really stand out, I need to get inside the minds of the decision makers who want and need what you have to offer. 

Your B2B content must show you understand what they care about, first. Then you can engage them with stories, visuals, data, and insights that capture their attention. Consistent content that exudes value will build trust and relationships.

B2B Services

Thought Leadership Content

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Your target audience is looking for a resource they can trust. They have a lot of questions they need answers to. 

If you consistently provide useful content on a relevant topic, you will be perceived as a thought leader in your space. 

You can choose from content, such as Ghostwritten Articles, eBooks, and guides to answer your buyers' top questions. There's also LinkedIn Profile Makeovers to showcase your expertise.

B2B Marketing

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Introduce the possibilities. Educate your prospects on the obstacles and provide insights into the data to influence your buyers’ decisions in your favor.

Your content should show and tell how you help your customers and partners grow their businesses.

Content, such as case studies, customer success stories, tip sheets, white papers, reports, articles, how-to guides, data sheets, slide presentations,
and more.


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Squeeze every last thought out of your best, most useful content and breathe new life into it.

This allows you to engage and nurture your audience while reaching more people in different ways to grow your content investment.

Simply repurpose your content into different formats and share it across different media channels. Be the resource your audience comes back to.

Grab some useful tidbits . . .

You can read some of my articles on LinkedIn or check out my Resources right here on my site.

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