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Meet Deb

Finally, a Content Marketing Writer Who Can Tell Your Story to Persuade Today's Skeptical, Busy B2B Technology Buyers.

My Story

I'll never forget that day ... as I glanced up at the Art Director of Playtex Products, Inc., he grinned. He had to drastically shorten the redesign time of the entire line of Jhirmack hair care products.

Yes, he was impressed with my demo, but VERY skeptical we could execute hard, fast, and with impact. After all, this was one of the first 3D packaging design access studios in the country with a new, disruptive process.

I knew I had to accomplish 3 big goals.
One, creatively change their thinking.
Two, to show the possibilities of going ALL digital.
And three, get them to trust me enough to be open to change.

After two days of endless questions, demonstrations, and tests,  I did succeed in getting their business. In the end, we created over 65 designs and shrunk the design to production cycle from 6 months to just under 4 weeks.

I realized from this day forward that it wasn’t just about the numbers. 

What I Do

Today, I’m a content marketing writer, strategist, and business ghostwriter at a company I founded called Contenttriggers LLC. I've grown to become a real-world customer experience enthusiast. 

As a B2B technology writer, I specialize in customer experience and digital transformation in the product design and manufacturing, software, and automotive industries. I've written about things like sustainable and personalized products, digital to physical product lifecycle management (PLM), cloud-based CAD, IoT and IIoT, VR, AR, AI, 3D printing and scanning, digital health, and electric and autonomous vehicles.

I work with business executives, marketers, product managers, and even owners who have innovative offerings and are overwhelmed with content . I help them create engaging content to get people to think differently and see the possibilities for change. It's all about creatively solving problems.

What Makes Me Unique...

For over 20 years, I’ve worked for tech companies in marketing, product development, engineering, design, training, and customer service.  I’ve teamed up with customers in dozens of beta programs and conducted over 1000 sales and product demonstrations to reveal possibilities for change. 

I’ve also rolled up my sleeves with four startups and dozens of new and innovative products and services. This gives me the flexibility and drive to get up to speed quickly on new projects.

All of these experiences have guided me in my writing business to show people the possibilities for change, ways to solve problems, and build customer relationships in the process. 

Biggest Lessons I've Learned

I’ve learned that the experiences you provide can knock down barriers and open doors for your audience to connect with you and your customers to become advocates for you. Experiences can be your differentiation that no one else can copy.

My Education, Teachers, and Mentors 

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Graphics, I spent two decades in color, special effects, and production in print and video. I also specialized in 3-D package design. 

Once I started my B2B content marketing company, I was coached and mentored by the best in the business.

Some of my teachers were:

  • Michael Stelzner and Gordon Graham on White Papers
  • Casey Hibbard on Case Studies
  • Ed Gandia, Steve Slaunwhite, Bob Bly, Peter Bowerman on B2B Content, Copywriting, and Business Freelancing
    Pete Vargus and Pat Quinn on Getting on Stages and Signature Talks
  • Amy Porterfield on Creating Digital Courses
    Joshua Boswell and Carol Tice on Copywriting and Persuasive Writing
  • Jennifer Goforth Gregory on Content Strategy
  • Derek Lewis on Business Ghostwriting
  • Michael Margolis at Get Storied—Undeniable Story for Innovators, Change-Makers, and Marketers
  • Robert McKee in Storynomics™—Storytelling in Business   

    Learning never stops. It's a constant process to keep up with the changes and digital transformation in business. 

Things I Love

I’m a writer with a passion for customer experience, creativity, good design, and storytelling. And a love for gourmet cooking, organic dark chocolate, and mocha almond assault ice cream :-)  My favorite places are white sandy beaches along with the beauty and tranquility of the ocean.

Here's to possibilities!

Deb Monfette

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My Mission

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My mission is to help move technology into the future by getting people to think differently and seeing the possibilities for change.

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