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B2B Case Studies  

Let Me Ask You About Your Case Studies ...

  • Do you have a process in place to create case studies and the uninterrupted time to stick with the plan?
  • Would you like to make this an easy process, save yourself loads of time, and still get great results?

I can help you create case studies to celebrate your successful customers, connect with your buyers, and grow your business.

Factual, Relevant, Relatable, Proves the Past

In the eyes of your buyer, a well-written case study or customer success story is factual, relevant, relatable, and proves the past.

It’s factual because it pinpoints the obstacles, the solutions, and the successful outcomes your customer had working with your solutions.

Yes, it's hyper-relevant. It examines the challenges your prospects are experiencing or maybe haven't thought of yet. 

But it’s also relatable. The story is coming right from the mouth of your customer. It explains the real-life obstacles they were up against, how they felt about them, and what their life was like after. Best of all, it shares their experiences under circumstances that your specific audience can relate to—the “Aha moment”. 

And last, it proves the past. A case study shares actual business results, which in many cases can be measured.

What I Can Do for You

I can help you with all of the above AND make you stand out.

For two decades, I’ve worked directly with customers on new products and services, including beta programs. I’ve seen customers experience obstacles. I've helped them implement solutions, celebrated their successes, and shared their stories.

I’m now a B2B freelance case study writer who can help you plan, manage, and create success stories. These stories can spark the Aha moment for your specific audience and make your successful customers feel good about participating.  

My Case Study Process

1. Information gathering

2. Client meeting

3. Customize interview questions

4. Schedule customer interviews

5. Conduct customer interviews

6. Capture powerful testimonials

7. Writing

8. Reviews and approvals

9. Editing

10. Final draft submitted for design layout


I have the plan, the focused time, and the process in place. I'm also a great listener and can get people to share their story. If you need help with your case studies reach out and contact me.

Looking to create more effective case studies?

Grab my Case Study Makeover Guide to find out what other companies are doing.

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