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As a business-to-business technology marketer, your sales process is competitive and your solutions can be new and complicated. No two companies’ needs are the same. This leaves you with several types of industries, different decision makers, personalized experiences, and new possibilities for you to uncover in your content. 

Your B2B marketing content can impact your buyers' search and how they perceive your company and your solutions. When your potential customers are fixing problems or achieving goals you have to nail why your solutions matter, first.

Then, the what you offer and how it works become even more important.

    • Are you looking to share your expertise through content marketing that educates your audience, builds trust, and shows why you're different
    • Do you need B2B content to introduce new, innovative, or complicated solutions to your prospects and customers?
    • Is your marketing team too busy tackling new projects to focus on creating useful content and consistently?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I'm here to help.

My name is Deb Monfette and I'm a real-world customer experience enthusiast and content marketing writer and strategist. I created Contenttriggers to help people solve problems, but I soon realized it's more than that.

I can help people see the possibilities for change by showcasing how others overcame their challenges and highlighting their experiences. These are things people remember long after consuming content. And that no one else can copy.

Let me help you simplify 
why your new or complicated solutions matter in a way that your audience understands. Let's show them the possibilities for change. Then, dive deeper into more information to help them make smarter decisions in your favor. 

Don't miss the chance to hook and engage your B2B buyers
by reimagining your case studies.

Download my free guide with 7 tips from B2B experts.   

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Build credibility, trust, and influence 
with case studies,
even when you have limited approval.


You'll also get FREE monthly content tips
on marketing and thought leadership 
to grow your business.

What do you need help with?

Thought Leadership

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Your target audience has questions they need answers to and they're looking for an authority they can trust.

This is your chance to connect with them.

B2B Content Marketing

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Help your B2B technology buyers with their challenges and their goals. 

Introduce the possibilities for success.

Provide insights into the data to influence their decisions.


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Squeeze every last thought out of your most useful content and breathe new life into it.

Repurpose it into different formats and reach more people in different ways.

Praise from My Clients

"Deb is not only a stellar writer but has contributed very strategic ideas to Customer Engagement Magazine. She understands how to be customer-focused. She also has a unique way of making a complex topic easier to understand and tying in real events to make it engaging.

Her creative thinking and eye for design is an unusual trait in a writer, especially in technology. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a boost in their content marketing & strategy to engage their customers.”

~ Ray Stendall, Publisher of 
Customer Engagement Magazine

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Make Connections and Build Relationships

Free Resources

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Customer-Center It 

B2B technology content focused on products and services is important. But to be effective you have to share content that connects with the desires and challenges of your audience in their search, firstSpeed up the entire process with these tips and strategies.

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Visualize It 

Visual content affects us in ways that text alone cannot. It triggers our imagination and helps us recall and remember information. It also connects with us faster than any other type of content. Discover insights about visual content and examples using it.  

Repurpose It

Squeeze every last thought out of your best content. Repurpose it into other types and across different media channels. You can extend the life of your message and reach more people in different ways, while increasing your return on investment.

If you need help with your content,
please reach out!

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