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Results-Driven Marketing Content

Marketing content must first attract your buyers’ attention, then engage them to want more information. Last, it must motivate them to take the next step. Your content should deeply influence their decisions and differentiate your company from all the other solutions. My goal is to help you do just that.

You can rely on my services to craft business-to-business marketing content that drives results. Here are a few samples of the content I’ve delivered to my clients. In some of the categories, you have a chance to view the Full Sample and an All-in-One Sample (AiO).

What is an All-in-One Sample?

An All-in-One Sample gives you a quick glance at the copy and allows you to review the major project details—all on one page. It's a quick read and easy to print, file, and share.

Featured Samples

If you wish to view or download the samples, either click on the link or on the thumbnail image to get access.

Create a Benefits Blog Post for IoT in Smart City Transportation

Create a blog post to introduce 3 major benefits of IoT in Smart City Transportation. Also, briefly explain two use cases.

An Introductory Guide IoT Hardware Design

Interview a SME and research other aspects. Create an introduction to IoT hardware design and solutions for IoT decision-makers.
There are too many moving parts and a variety of vendors. Briefly explain and simplify hardware design and compare the options and solutions. 

Articles and an Infographic

The goal of this article was to reach CIOs in the automotive industry.  It highlights a Gartner report, along with other sources, that share research on what they need to know about the rise of EVs. 

Electrification will create disruptive changes with new possibilities for CIOs and their IT systems. As with any industry disruption, obstacles will get in the way that could slow the rise and adoption of EVs. But it won’t stop it.

In addition to the article, I created an infographic on 8 of the obstacles to make it more engaging and memorable.

It’s important for CIOs in this industry to watch the progress, understand the implications, and take advantage of these new opportunities to succeed. CIOs will walk away with two major changes they can evaluate and get more information on.

Next, I repurposed the article and infographic into another article highlighting two of the top EV obstacles, lightweighting and battery performance.

This is the start of the repurposing strategy with links back to the infographic.

Edits and an Executive Summary for a Technical White Paper and Repurposing it into an Infographic

The goal was to simplify the complex design development processes and comparisons in this technical white paper. The details needed to be more engaging and easier for the reader to grasp.

I first created an Executive Summary designed to give busy executives a brief overview of the key challenges in this complex process. The summary was also used to inspire them to read the full white paper to see the possibilities for change.
Next, I repurposed the white paper into an infographic. I sifted through the paper to flesh out key points and comparisons of the design process for the two suppliers. After gathering the details, I created the layout and graphics to complete the infographic.
Parts of the infographic were used as supporting visuals to make it easier to read and create a more compelling white paper.

The white paper was also repurposed into articles.

Customer Success Story

SellMore Marketing's product line revenues grew by 76% in just one
year by using SMART Relationship Technology. This is a customer
success story of one of's happy customers who became a channel partner.

Ghostwritten Blog Post on EVs

Choosing the right digital software, tools, and processes are key to modern vehicle design and production.  

This blog post was ghostwritten for an Adaptive Executive on a new all-electric hypercar by Rimac Automobili. Rimac uses an advanced PLM platform, 3DEXPERIENCE by Dassault Systémes, along with a customized solution to model complex physical systems, developed by Modelon. 

These tools allow Rimac to collaborate consistently from product concept
to operation and develop innovative electric drivetrain technologies that
they supply to several large automotive manufacturers.

Published Article on 3D Printing

Adaptive Corporation wanted to examine the push to carbon fiber composite 3D printing. A key player in this race to composites is the Mark Two by Markforged. This article discusses the trends and the three innovations behind the Mark Two that make it unique and powerful.

This article was published on Adaptive’s blog.

Published Article

Microsoft Canada released a report on how digital lifestyles are affecting focus and getting things done. In this article, you will discover five ways to recapture attention as buyers jump from one device to the next.

This article was on the cover of the September Issue of Customer Engagement Magazine.


The objective was to design a SlideShare of a live interview with Customer Engagement Magazine and Barneys New York. The SlideShare called, "Get Customer Love," tells the story of how Barneys New York thrives on customer experience in the competitive luxury market. 

In addition, this would be the beginning of a new idea for a segment of the magazine that communicates customer experience. It can also inspire interaction with readers and story ideas for future interviews.
The new segment is called #GetCustomerLove.

Quick Start Card

The objective was to learn the software and determine the major features and workflows to help users gain a solid understanding and increase usability.


Then write and design a six-page, tri-fold Quick Start Card in Adobe Illustrator for Brainstorm, Inc. This training tool was created for their client Microsoft. It was to be used as a reference for beginning users of their business collaboration software called Yammer

Email Marketing

The objective was to create an email that attracts subscribers to Customer Engagement Magazine, a subscription-based digital publication. 

Editor Ray Stendall interviewed Ruby Newell-Legner, a Fan Experience Expert. She’s on a mission to provide the hands-on training employees need to create a customer-focused work environment where everyone excels at the job. Ruby will explain how to create a culture that will turn every customer into a loyal fan. 

Live Conference  

The objective was to attend the BE HR Conference, interview the speakers, and report on the latest findings on this disruptive topic. Then create a visual presentation in SlideShare format and repackage the information gathered.

I created the presentation based on quotes from the 12 speakers and selected images to make it come 
to life. Then I crafted a long-form article (3,717 words) which was published at Customer Engagement Magazine and created a short blog post.

Published Article

The objective was to find a company who made great strides in connecting with and engaging their customers. Then write an article to be featured in Customer Engagement Magazine.

T-Mobile has disrupted the entire mobile industry and simplified the experience. They listened to their mobile customers and are giving them what they want.

I collaborated with the T-Mobile media relations department to use corporate information and approved photographs.

White Paper

The goals were to educate prospects, differentiate services and increase qualified leads. The major challenge was addressing details of support to achieve a high state of Operational Readiness.

In-depth interviews were conducted to relay first-hand OCONUS (Outside the Continental US) conditions while working on-site. Content needed to convey what it was like to be in the front lines in extreme conditions testing and using new technology.

Online Multimedia Courses

Attendance was down at The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Conferences. They needed to keep their member accreditations up-to-date on the latest advancements in preventative medicine. And they had to meet the needs of busy professionals.

I helped establish a new online post-graduate school with the founders of the A4M. I designed and created 16 course modules on Infection Protection: The Role of Microbes, the Immune System, and Lifestyle in Infectious Diseases.  I also repurposed content from past conferences.

Since it was a startup, I helped with other critical tasks. I spearheaded course accreditation by the AAFP for CME's, designed materials for advertising and sponsorships, and developed partnerships for media sources.

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