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Repurposing Content

Reach More People In Different Ways

You spend valuable time and money planning to attract customers with articles, blog posts, reports, white papers, case studies, videos, eNewsletters . . . you name it.

Why not increase your return on investment by squeezing every last thought out of your best, most useful content and breathe new life into it? Simply repurpose it into different formats and across different media channels.

Why is Repurposing So Important?

Content demands are only getting stronger. People use content consistently to research and make decisions, but are also overwhelmed with messaging. If it isn’t a priority this morning, it may be on top of the list by the end of the day. Your content can easily be passed by or sit in the bottomless depths of their inbox.

Others need to see content a few times for it to “stick”.

Repurposing content gives you the chance to reach more people in different ways. At the same time, it gives your audience a choice in how and when they consume content they find useful and want more information on.

Maybe your prospect likes scanning the latest articles published on LinkedIn before they begin their day. Or, reading a case study prior to jumping into a meeting with a new prospect. If the topic piques their interest, they’ll download the longer-form content like guides and white papers.

Be Strategic

Repurposing doesn’t mean copying the exact same content everywhere. Mix it up a bit. Break it apart, add in new research, and focus on other decision makers. Transform it into different formats for different devices using visuals, audio, or video. Monitor and measure the results, and make changes if you need to adjust.

Successfully repurposing content requires being strategic. Your goal should be to become the “go to” resource on that topic. If your content is useful and seen in more places, you will be perceived as an authority on the subject while guiding buyers to decisions they feel good about.

Deliver valuable, relevant, and consistent content 
to build credibility and trust while you reach more people in different ways.

Do you need help repackaging your content?

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